Why Work With Us

Working with us will save you and your clients time and money. You only pay for the time you need when you need it, with no monthly salaries, no bonuses, no benefits, no overhead costs, and no recruiting costs. We are diligent, reliable professionals. Our work product is clear, concise, well-organized, and comprehensive.

Who we are

Kelli Jordan and Lisa Thoreson each have more than 20 years of paralegal experience working on complex family law cases. We have extensive knowledge of businesses, real estate, stock options, retirement accounts, non-marital tracings, spousal maintenance, child support, living expenses, litigation, and more.

Our Process

Our process is simple. From the first moment you contact us until your project is complete, our goal is to make your experience easy and stress-free. As virtual paralegals and living expense analysts, much or all of our work can be done over the telephone, by email, or by our secure portal, saving you valuable time and money.


Although freelance and virtual paralegals have been widely used throughout the United States for many years, it is still a new concept to many attorneys. At Essential Litigation Partners, we want to put your mind at ease, so we have answered the questions most asked by attorneys.

Our Most Requested Services

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