Frequently Asked Questions About Freelance Paralegals

At Essential Litigation Partners, we strive to provide quality paralegal assistance and make your experience with us as easy as possible. For the most commonly asked questions about our freelance paralegal services, read our FAQs below.

How will you ensure conflicts will be avoided?

The Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct address duties to clients when attorneys move from one firm to another, and these rules can be applied to the agents of Essential Litigation Partners. The rules provide that we can work with multiple firms without creating a conflict. See Rule 1.9, Comments 5 through 8.

Prior to working on each case, we will conduct an internal conflict search in a similar manner to those conducted in law firms to ensure the law firms are compliant with Rule 1.7 of the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct. For each case we work on, we will receive information only about that case.

Not in Minnesota? We comply with similar rules in each state.

How will information be transferred between us?

Transferring information securely is of utmost importance. Information can be transferred between us in the following ways:

  • Essential Litigation Partners’ secure portal, which has no size limit
  • Your firm’s secure portal
  • Your network (add us as external users and allow us access only to the cases on which we work)
  • Flash drive or CD
  • Paper files

What title should I use for you on my invoices to clients?

We suggest “Senior Paralegal” or “Litigation Specialist.”

How will I determine the rate to bill my clients for your services?

Similar to if we were full-time employees, our billable rates to clients should be based on our years of experience, the quality and complexity of our work, and prevailing rates in the marketplace.

How will I obtain your billing entries to invoice my clients?

When we send you our monthly invoices, we will also provide the detailed information in Excel so you can insert our billing details into your clients’ invoices.

Contact us with further inquiries or to learn more about our freelance paralegal services.

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