Marital Standard of Living Analyses

Presenting credible evidence to support or discredit budgetary claims can ultimately save clients thousands of dollars per year or more. However, gathering and analyzing the data can be complex for clients and time-consuming for attorneys. Experts at Essential Litigation Partners provide living expense analyses and reports outlining the data we find to demonstrate your marital standard of living and current needs or discredit budgetary claims made by your spouse, so you can secure sustainable spousal maintenance (known in some states as “alimony” or “spousal support”).

With more than 20 years of experience navigating family law, experts at Essential Litigation Partners can handle the overwhelming document compilation, fact-gathering, separation of expenses, and calculations so you do not have to. We provide thorough findings which will ensure your financial needs are clearly and credibly presented to the court.

What We Do

  • Analyze bank, brokerage, and credit account statements
  • Interview clients
  • Identify missing accounts and work with clients to obtain missing documents
  • Determine historical spending
  • Determine changes which would impact current or future spending
  • Provide reports of historical spending, current living expense budgets, and projected living expense budgets
  • Testify at trial

What Makes Our Reports Credible

  • When analyzing historical spending, we do the following:
    • Identify expenses paid quarterly or annually and amortize accordingly
    • Identify and separate expenses of other adults
    • Identify and separate one-time expenses
  • We do not just blindly input data
  • We do not simply take clients’ assertions at face value
  • We do not double count
  • If something does not make sense, we identify the reason and make the correction

We take great care to maintain credibility.

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