Our Process

From the initial conflict search to secure document exchanges and professional communication, our process is expertly managed and tailored to provide the services you need. Trust Essential Litigation Partners to handle any project you delegate, alleviating your stress with a simple, straightforward process.

Conflict Search

Provide us with the name of your client and his/her spouse and business, if applicable, so we can run a conflict search.

Retain Us

As long as there is no conflict, we will provide you with a Retainer Agreement, set up a file in our secure portal, and send you login credentials.

Secure Document Exchange

Drop the documents we need to complete our work into the secure portal file (or send us a flash drive, paper documents, an email, or information on how to use your portal).


Throughout the process, we may connect with you or your client by telephone, email, or portal and exchange additional information and/or documents as needed.

Project Delivery

We complete the work and provide it to you through one of the above methods.

Billing and Time

We will send you monthly invoices along with our billable time in Excel so you can transfer it into your own invoices to the clients.


Pay us by check (preferred) or credit card.

Contact us to get started.

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