Prepare for & Assist at Trial

Paralegals at Essential Litigation Partners can be a vital addition to your trial team before, during, and after trial. Having someone beside you who knows the facts of the case and how to find them within the exhibits and other documents is invaluable to both you and your client.

With our experience and organizational and communication skills, we proficiently prepare exhibits and witnesses for trial. We can also act as a liaison between the trial team and the experts and other witnesses. We can draft post-trial Judgment and Decrees and motions based upon the testimony heard at trial and review of the transcripts and admitted exhibits. Our services include:

Prepare for Trial

  • Prepare trial exhibits
  • Prepare exhibit lists
  • Prepare witness lists
  • Draft objection letters
  • Draft objection defense letters
  • Coordinate witness schedules
  • Draft subpoenas and letters to witnesses

Assist at Trial

  • Take notes of all testimony
  • Quickly access exhibits and other documents needed for testimony
  • Search exhibits and other documents for keywords if needed for testimony
  • Maintain lists of exhibits offered, admitted, and not admitted
  • Contact experts and witnesses as needed to adjust the schedule

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