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Freelance Paralegals

Working with a freelance paralegal at Essential Litigation Partners will give you access to high-quality legal work while saving you and your clients time and money.


At Essential Litigation Partners, you will work with experienced, reliable paralegals who can perform your work with no training and little direction. The work product provided will be clear, concise, well-organized, and comprehensive.


We serve attorneys across the country with an extensive knowledge of family law and how litigation and court systems work. Our paralegal services are virtual and on-demand, so you can hire us whenever and wherever you need.


You only pay for the paralegal time you need, when you need it, with no monthly salaries, no bonuses, no benefits, no overhead costs, and no recruiting costs. Delegating projects on-demand to a freelance paralegal at Essential Litigation Partners will allow you to devote your time to tasks only you can perform, while meeting your deadlines and your clients’ needs.

Essential Litigation Partners can provide all of your paralegal support, whether you are part of a large firm, a small firm, or you are a solo practitioner.

Living Expense Analysts

Working with a living expense analyst at Essential Litigation Partners will give you piece of mind that you have retained a credible expert. Our marital standard of living analyses and necessary living expense analyses are thorough. You benefit from our many years of experience gathering and reviewing financial documents, analyzing living expenses, and preparing and discrediting budgets. By retaining an expert living expense analyst at Essential Litigation Partners, you gain our insight into what makes budgets credible in settlement negotiations and in court.

Regardless of which service you require, at Essential Litigation Partners, we have the technology to work remotely while securing your clients’ confidential information.

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